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Episode 6007

Episode is called “Known Unknowns”

09-14-09 “House M.D”, Fox Studios, Los Angeles

We did one more day at the studio, this should be it for this episode. Our dad was able to go with us this time!

09-09-09 to 09-12-09 “House M.D”, On location, Lake Arrowhead, CA,

We just finished up four days on location at Lake Arrowhead (about 85 miles from Hollywood) doing some more scenes for House. On Thursday they shot our scene at 6 PM, we were not too happy about that. On Friday, it was at 3 PM a lot better time for us to be good. We had fun with mom at the lake while not working.

We also received our first ever haircuts from the show’s makeup department while at the lake (note our bangs don’t cover our eyes anymore).


In our trailer, All dressed up ready for work.

09/11/09 Photo by Liberty

Photo0191 small

Look at my neat outfit, same boots as last week, too bad we don’t get to keep them!

09/11/09 Photo by Liberty

Lake Arrowhead 9-11-09 small

Mom took us down to the lake for some fun.

09/11/09 Photo by Rebecca Simpson

09-01-09 “House M.D.”, Fox Studios, Los Angeles

Fox 09-01-09

Our first acting job is playing Lisa Edelstein, “Dr. Lisa Cuddy’s” daughter, Rachel, on the hit TV series “House M.D.”. In the above picture, we are relaxing in our dressing room/trailer at the Fox studios while waiting to be dressed for our part.  Only one of us will be on the set at a time, Mom’s friend Rebecca will watch whoever is not working. We get a neat golf cart ride from the dressing room to the set!

The shot of the day was in a “New Jersey winter” getting into a car being driven by Dr. House while being carried by Cuddy, we really like her as our first “TV mom”

09/01/09 picture by Liberty on her cell phone



These dressing room places have some great mirrors to play with!

Photo by Liberty McCormick 09-01-09

These are our clothes for the outside shot, all we have to do is add our warm coats

Photo by Liberty McCormick 09-01-09

We’re ready for the set with mom holding us! Note that we both have the same outfits on in case that one of us has to replace the other one on the set.

Photo by Rebecca Simpson 09-01-09


The neat shoes that we will wear in the shot

Photo by Liberty McCormick 09-01-09

Our outfits all ready to put on. The coat will only be on for the actual shooting, its too Hot!

Photo by Liberty McCormick 09-01-09

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